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Banbury Dental PracticeBanbury Dental Practice
4.1 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Samantha MurphySamantha Murphy

Fantastic practise. After trying to join several dental practices in the area a friend recommended Banbury dental. Booked in and seen the same week. Filling and gum shield sorted the second week. Lucia is very gentle, calm and patient, explained everything as she went along. Also took my 5 year old in for a check up, Lucia was absolutely wonderful with him (think he may have his first crush now 🙂 ) Thank you to everyone, see you in 6 months

Brian TomlinBrian Tomlin

Would not recommend this place if you want an emergency appointment you will be in for a long wait quicker in A&E

Anil KumarAnil Kumar

Rude staff. Really really need to train staff to properly handle customers.


I am sharing my experience so others don't get robbed like I did. I booked an appointment on 6th of March. I didn't ask for emergency appointment but I was given one. For the appointment I paid 20.60£ (NHS) , the dentist confirmed I needed a root canal treatement and crown which is band 3 under nhs. I was offerered an appointment the next day for the root canal and I paid 56£. The treatment went without any problems. After the treatment I was told to come back in three months to get my crown on the 6th June as my tooth can get britle with root canal treatment. When I went for the appointment on the 6th of June I was told the appointment was for check-up not crown and I paid 21.60£. Towards end of the appointment i was told the crown will cost me 256.50£, I was surprised by the cost as I expected to pay 179.90£ i.e. Band 3 = 256.50 - 56 - 20.60. I checked the NHS banding chart in the treatment room asked the question why, I was told by the dentist crown treatment is 256.50£ no other explaination given. I didn't ask any further questions, the receptionist asked me £50 deposit for crown treatment which I paid and left. On my return I rang another dentist pratice in banbury and checked nhs choice website which confirmed the following: 1. Once two months have passed after completing a course of treatment, you'll have to pay for the new course of treatement. In other words, as I am getting my crown after 3 months, its being treated as a new course treatment even though the dentist asked me to book an appointment after three months. There was no medical reason for three months wait and no explaination given in March that crown treatment will be treated as a new course of treatment and I have to pay 256.50£. If I was informed in march about the cost and explained to me why three months wait is required I would have been happy to pay the 256.50£ because it was done in a secretive manner there is no question in mind that it was done on purpose with sole purpose to charge more money. I raised this point to the surgery manager I was told the dentist wanted to see if the infection returns even though I am not a vulnerable patient nor explaination given in clinical notes. I have logged a complaint with NHS England as dentist services are commissioned directly by NHS England rather than local CCG. I spoke with the stand-in surgery manager, he apologised and agreed to repay my deposit£50 deposit back which I appreciate. I am certainly not going back Banbury dental practice as I don't fancy getting robbed again.

Katie SmithKatie Smith

first visit for my daughter dentist was really nice and reception were helpful too!

Matthew PerringMatthew Perring

Had a tooth extracted today, was made to feel relaxed under the circumstances , fantastic dentist, highly recommended

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Sarah JonesSarah Jones

After being nervous for my appt I was put at ease straight away and the dentist listened to what was wrong and straight away put a plan in place for me 🙂 definitely put my mind at ease

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Lívia BaksaLívia Baksa

I was very scaried about my appointment, but the dentist and the assistant were very friendly, very caring and did their best to feel no discomfort at all.
Thank you very much and keep this good work up.
I would recommend this practice to ayone who is looking for the best dental care..
Many thanks

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Darren HigginsDarren Higgins

The least scary dentist I’ve been to. Friendly staff and a very non-hurty experience from the dentist!

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Lydia Rose SimmsLydia Rose Simms

Had a check up for myself and my 2 children today with a young male dentist (didn't catch his name) but he was fab! Very friendly and great with the children and very patient especially with my 14 month old boy! �

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Georgie WingGeorgie Wing